Pepper Mills of Yore

Pepper MillI have no idea why this popped into my head, but do you remember how pepper grinders in the ‘80s got progressively bigger and bigger? It was purely an affectation and the desire for phallic extension. Didn’t you hate having to tell the waiter “WHEN” on the pepper front?

You know it’s bad once the “latest” trends, like oddly shaped plates full of olive oil and balsamic for your bread, trickle down to places like the Olive Garden. I have never been to the Olive Garden and don’t plan on ever going. Everything they serve is made “off” premises (I have been to the facilities where they “manufacture” the sauces and dressings) and there is a picture of every item on the menu so that the line cooks can arrange it just so. Just shoot me now or hook me up to an IV full of Prozac and Lunesta.

I find most national chains more depressing than going to Bakersfield for the weekend. There are only a few chains that I think are acceptable. The Daily Grill is one of those. They manage to do it right and it doesn’t feel like a chain. I used to go to the original –The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills. Anyway, you must think I am a complete snob, but I think we should support small local, family run restaurants.


4 thoughts on “Pepper Mills of Yore

  1. I agree!!!

    As a chef, who has previously been working for such a place, I quit on my own regardless of this economy. I’m now unemployed looking for a position with a small cafe (hopefully running it) or as a beginning private/personal chef. I could go for a “name” but I’m much more casual (while professional). It’s demeaning to me as a chef to be stuck working for something no different than an assembly line (just dirtier!!!).

    As for the private/personal chef aspirations, I have the education and a varied restaurant / resort / chain food history. I want to make the transition to one of the previously mentioned positions, and for the long haul.

  2. Since we are writing about Pepper Mills of Yore | Blythe's Blog, One of the most common geniuses of peppers, known as the capsicum, is thought to have been in existence millions of years ago in present-day Bolivia, according to the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Information and Resources. But, the first known cultivation of peppers happened in Mexico and Central, as well as South America 10,000 years ago.

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