Mi Piace – Oranges with Olive Oil & Pepper

orangesLast night, we were invited for dinner at our friend’s, Melanie and Walt’s home.  We have so much fun when we get together, we could have stayed several more hours, but it was a Sunday night……  Melanie made a wonderful Chicken Cacciatore and an amazingly simple, regional Italian dessert from Abruzzo Italy.

It’s just sliced oranges drizzled with olive oil (marinate for no more than 2 hours)  and sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper.  I know it sounds strange, but it really works.  What makes it interesting, is the mixing of sweet and savory.  This is a foreign concept in American food culture.  We drank some Lemoncello with it, which, of course, makes everything taste good!  A wonderful evening was had by all!  Mi Piace!


2 thoughts on “Mi Piace – Oranges with Olive Oil & Pepper

  1. I must say that this was really good. Oily, peppery oranges, you might ask? Well, it works really well. It is not too far, really, from the classic presentation of tomatos, which are a fruit after all. The spiciness of the pepper works well with the sweet acidity of the oranges. As the chef points out, the Limoncello doesn’t hurt, either!

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