Turkey, Avocado, Arugula Lavash Roll Ups

An Easy Appetizer

Yesterday, I brought food to a wake for a great man.  He is a huge loss to the community and will be greatly missed.  It was a very nice event. 

One of the things I made was a lavash roll up that I concocted using cream cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey and avocado.  Lavash is a  thin leavened flatbread of Armenian origin.

Turkey, Avocado, Arugula Lavash Roll Ups

2 x 8 oz light cream cheese
1 cup cranberry sauce
Handful of dried cranberries
Sliced turkey
Lemon juice

Put the cream cheese and cranberry sauce in a food processor.  Process until smooth, then add the dried cranberries.  Spread Lavish evenly with the cream cheese mixture.  Slice the avocado and then dredge in lemon juice to prevent discoloration. 

Put slices of turkey, avocado and arugula on the Lavash and roll it up.  It can be sliced or cut in half for a sandwich.


One thought on “Turkey, Avocado, Arugula Lavash Roll Ups

  1. Dear Leslie Blythe Miller, this appetizer is perfect for finger food and I especially love your choice of pita, lavash. “Wild Thing”, you make my heart sing! Loved and saved this recipe. I shall revisit you soon. Thank you for sharing.
    Cheers, Gaby
    You can always visit me at http://ptsaldari.posterous.com.

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