Keep on Truckin’

The new craze – gourmet trucks driving around Los Angeles.  They use Twitter to let their fans know where they can be found.   It’s happening in San Francisco, New York, Portland, etc.

I have been patronizing a certain taco truck in Pasadena for years.  I have been there at 2 am wearing a black tie dress and pearls eating tacos off the bumper many times.  This particular truck, which is called El Taquito Mexicano, is one of my all time favorites. My brother David has been a die-hard customer for years.  I have stained many a blouse at this particular truck!  They have wonderful al pastors and carne asadas.

I have often dreamt of owning and driving around in my own truck.  It would probably be an hors d’oeuvres truck, since it’s my favorite thing to eat.  I would also install a customized horn to alert potential customers – maybe The Girl From Ipanema or The Lady is a Tramp by Frank Sinatra.  Any thoughts?

Here is a sample of trucks that are driving around now….

Green Truck
A bio-diesel-fueled and solar-powered truck prepares organic fare.

Sprinkles Cupcake Van

Organic hand-made ice cream sandwiches truck.

Don Chow Tacos
Mexican-Chinese fusion. Choose traditional carne asada or kung pao in your tacos or tortas truck. (Hey, Mexican and Chinese food  have no right to be mixing it up, in my opinion!)

Barbie’s Q
BBQ ribs or hand-pulled pork, chicken or beef in buns or tortillas truck.

Let’s Be Frank
Grass-fed beef hot dogs and brats from a bright red catering truck. (These are good!)

Japanese-style burgers, as in exotic concoctions with a Japanese flavor piled on a rice bun truck.

Calbi BBQ
A Korean-Mexican BBQ truck.  (Another bad idea!)

Fish Lips Sushi Truck
Fresh sushi, specializing in rolls truck.

Dosa Truck
East Indian food focused on dosa, a crispy sourdough crepe made with rice and lentils filled with a variety of fillings from Indian to Greek to Italian truck.

Could we get any more esoteric here people?  I guess I need to start looking for investors or rent a truck for a weekend.  The only problem is that I would need a special truck driving license and I am not SETTING FOOT IN ANY DMV FOR MANY YEARS!


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