Castello Blue Cheese

I recently served some cheese at a party.  Several people commented on this particular cheese and said it was to die for!  I bought it at Trader Joe’s – $8.99 a pound.  It really is amazing.  Typically, I do not like blue cheese on its own, I usually eat it in salads.  Well, this cheese changes everything.  It is just heavenly and I’m sure it’s low in calories given that it’s a triple cream cheese – NOT!

Here is a description, go buy it as soon as possible.

The Danish Castello Blue is a triple-cream, blue-veined gourmet cheese with a washed-rind. It is also called Blue Castello.

The cheese’s surface has a unique combination of blue-green and reddish molds. These molds give the cheese its distinct aroma and flavor. Castello Blue has a Brie-like texture, with the blue in fairly thick, horizontal lines.

The taste of Castello Blue is delectably rich and buttery, with mild spicy accents of blue veins and the aroma is of mushrooms. The mild flavor develops steadily as long as it keeps, but it never becomes too strong.  Danish Blue Cheese can be easily cut with a wire cheese cutter and goes well with a robust red wine, such as a Cabernet.


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