Brita Water Filters

Last week we moved to a new house, actually a different house, not a “new” house. The kitchen is very nice with great appliances. The one major adjustment is that there is no water on the door of the refrigerator. Yes, I know, I am spoiled, but it’s something that I am used to having. I bought a Brita water filter pitcher to keep in the fridge and yes, it’s orange! I am now a complete convert. It’s not as convenient, but the water is delicious. It is very “clean” tasting, with no funny after taste. It even has an Electronic filter change indicator.

Brita water filters are the best way to insure that your drinking water is as pure as possible. Using activated carbon and other technologies, Brita filters filter out impurities such as chlorine, lead, copper, mercury, giardia, and much more. The Brita Products Company, based in Oakland, California, is the leading maker of point-of-use water filtration products to improve the quality and taste of tap water.


5 thoughts on “Brita Water Filters

  1. I started using one in New York when we moved into the pre-war building with old rusty pipes – They really do work …but alas they don’t come in Lavender…..

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