Bacon Vodka?!

Have we gone over the edge here?  I haven’t tried this yet.  It’s apparently very smooth.  I guess this replaces the bacon swizzle stick. 

Bakon Vodka, a potato-based premium vodka, was designed to replace the homemade versions that amateur and professional mixologists alike have been infusing since the bacon craze began.

Their website has some pretty wacky recipes – Bakon Mary, Bakon Chocolate Martini, The Elvis Presley (which has some banana liquor!), Swine Flu Shot, Bakon Chocolate Martini, Prosciutto-wrapped Melon Shot, etc….  Check it out –


4 thoughts on “Bacon Vodka?!

  1. Eric, calm down! This sounds like an idea whose time is NOT coming; it’s just not one of those million-dollar ideas.

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