Tanqueray Rangpur

I don’t know about you, but I could use a Gin & Tonic! Unfortunately, it is only 8:45am. My husband discovered Tanqueray Rangpur a few years ago.

Rangpur is a citrus fruit, which is a hybrid between the mandarin orange and the lemon. It has a very acidic taste. The Rangpur is known as a Canton lemon in South China, a Hime lemon in Japan, a Cravo lemon in Brazil, and mandarin-lime in the United States. The name lime in connection with this fruit is often misleading because there are very few similarities between the Rangpur and true limes.

What makes this gin superior to “flavored” gins is that the rangpur limes, ginger and bay leaves are added – along with the traditional gin ingredients – Juniper berries and coriander in the final distillation, as opposed to adding the flavor after the distillation process.

So smooth, that drinking it straight or on the rocks is highly recommended. Tanqueray Rangpur gin will make a martini that will convert a vodka martini drinker.


One thought on “Tanqueray Rangpur

  1. Well, it is not 8:45 am anymore…. in 45 minutes I recken that is is safe to drift into G&T land. Rangpur really is excellent–there are several Tangueray flankers–Malacca, Ten, etc., but this is the best of the lot. Not only does it have a subtle and delicious citrus/ginger/bay flavor, but it is actually lower in alcohol than regular Tanqueray so it doesn’t bike back in a Martini the way Tanqueray does. It has a wonderful scent, too. Tempting to wear it as aftershave if one didn’t run the risk of always seeming to be on a bender. Good for Gimlets.

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