Jasmine Café

Last Friday night, our youngest daughter, Grace, had her first 7th grade dance at her new school.  She had her new friends over to “primp / prep” for the dance.  We decided that we would drop them off at the dance and eat somewhere close to school.  We chose the Jasmine Café in San Marino.  I had heard many rave reviews, but hadn’t been yet.

It was wonderful.  Not only, was the food fantastic, but the owners were there and talked to us about their kids and most importantly, made us feel welcome.  There is something about the combination of friendly service and brilliant food, which makes for an enjoyable dining experience.

We tried the Walnut shrimp with glazed walnuts and the Orange Chicken, which puts a large chain to shame!  We also had the braised green beans and they make their own chili sauce that is delicious.

I think it is very important to support local restaurants and businesses in your area. According to economic studies, for every $100 spent at a chain store only $12 is circulated back into the local economy. Whereas that same $100 spent at a local business, is multiplied into a $45 recirculation.  I’m not sure if this statistic is spot on, but it sounds about right to me.

Shopping at a local small business means supporting friends and neighbors, the community, and the local economy.


2 thoughts on “Jasmine Café

  1. Leslie, I treasure the “Cheers” -type dining experience — going to a place where everybody knows your name. You can’t get that at the big places where there’s a lot of staff turnover.

    However, locally-owned places often have fabulous food and the added perk of familiarity with the owners and staff. One of my favorites from days gone by is the San Marino Grill, owned by the family of our SMHS classmate, John Celic. I’m heading home for a visit in the next couple of weeks, and I hope to make a trip to the Grill for a little homey cooking and conversation.

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