My Chef’s Knife – R.I.P.

Last Saturday my wonderful husband made breakfast, lunch and dinner and this is what happened…..  He also almost cut his finger off……

I have a favorite knife.  Or shall I say, I had? I loved my knife and carried it with me to every job (thank goodness I didn’t have any jobs at the airport).  I bought it at Sur La Table about 5 years ago. It’s a Furi Rachael Ray 7″ Edgy Santoku Knife with Gusto Grip.

After cutting up 30 pounds of chicken on the bone, my hand started uncontrollably twitching and throbbing with pain and I knew I needed a different knife.   It was the “Gusto Grip” that sold me.  It’s squishy, soft and most importantly orange. All my cooking equipment is orange – my favorite color.  I do this so that I don’t leave anything behind in someone’s kitchen or accidently take home my client’s things.

I guess I will have to replace it.  Should I mount it in a shadow box for the wall?  Yes, I will go now to buy the appropriate box / coffin for my lovely, orange, squishy handled knife and a big box of Kleenex….

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5 thoughts on “My Chef’s Knife – R.I.P.

  1. I am imagining a beautiful little coffin with a complimentary orange silk interior made into a shadow box and hung on the wall…. RIP…. orange dagger you’ve served your master well…

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