Wickles Pickles

Pickles are very important to our family.  When I was dating my now husband, he would buy a jar of dill pickles at the supermarket and eat the entire thing on the way home in the car. The supermarket is only a few blocks away!  I guess that should have tipped me off!  Anyway, I am always looking for new brands for him to try.

Last week I discovered Wickles Pickles.  They are bread and butter pickles that are quite spicy.  Love the sweet and spicy contrast.  They are addictive.

The unique taste behind Wickles Pickles is a 70-year-old secret family recipe. What makes the product unique from other jarred pickle products is that Wickles Pickles are packed in a sugary cider vinegar with spicy peppers and garlic, providing a balance of sweetness with a touch of heat.


3 thoughts on “Wickles Pickles

  1. And–I might add–it comes chopped up as relish, too. I am not actually a relish fan since it is usually so sweet, but this has that whole bread and butter sweet/sour thing going on. Also, they make a spead for subs/Hoagies/Muffalettas that is wickedly hot, as the name suggests.

  2. Hi Leslie — I remember Dr. Miller making amazing homemade dill pickles!! I guess that dates me! Hope you’re all doing great, XOXOX Barbara

  3. The Wickles Pickles and Relish have arrived here in Australia – the spicy sub spread is just delicious – let’s say that it has been in the house for 24 hours, and a quarter of the jar is gone, delicious on anything, or by the spoonful – it has a bright, fresh and spicy taste, don’t know how else to describe it. The relish is also good, sweet and sour. Where has Wickles been all of my life?? Thanks Leslie for sending it over with John, can we have a regular order?

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