Keith Richards recipe for Bangers & Mash

Keith Richards cooks?

In his new autobiography, Life, Keith Richards shares some of his favorite recipes.  Sex, drugs, booze, fame and food.  What could be better?  His favorite are bangers and mash.  Here is his recipe verbatim.  If you get offended by “off color” language, then go put on some Neil Diamond, throw a Lean Cuisine in the oven, wrap yourself up in your leopard print snuggie and get over yourself!

To make this dish authentically, you probably need to be smoking a cigarette with the stray ash wafting into the dish.

Keith Richards recipe for Bangers & Mash

First off, find a butcher who makes the sausages fresh.

Fry up a mixture of onions and bacon and seasoning.

Get the spuds on the boil with a dash of vinegar, some chopped onions and salt (seasoning to taste). Chuck in some peas with the spuds. (Throw in some chopped carrots too, if you like). Now we’re talking.

Now you have the choice of grilling or broiling your bangers or frying. Throw them on a low heat with the simmering bacon and onions (or in a cold pan, as the TV lady said, and add the onion and bacon in a bit) and let the fuckers rock gently, turning every few minutes.

Mash yer spuds and whatever.

Bangers are now fat free (as possible).

Gravy if desired.

HP sauce.

2 thoughts on “Keith Richards recipe for Bangers & Mash

  1. This is great.. and works.. and even better if you make ya own sausages and grow ya own spuds… oh yeah.. and a cigarette is the MINIMUM vice required while making this!!

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