Kirkland Champagne – the wine with the very “unsexy” label!

Last night we went to a party with friends in the back room of their bakery.  These parties are wonderful – they serve fabulous cheeses with fresh parmesan toasts – the food never seems to stop.  They chill the wine in the giant mixer.

Anyway, they served Kirkland Champagne from Costco.  I must say, it wasn’t bad.  

This champagne is made by the Janisson & Sons, which is located in the Village of Verzenay in France, a designated Grand Cru village. Grand Cru signifies the finest and best vineyards in the Champagne region. This Costco champagne may not be as good as the Grand Cru Champagnes of Janisson & Sons, but it is delicious and has a slight orange citrus aroma and delicate structure. This wine sells for $19.99.  The only problem is that you would wouldn’t want your guests to see the very “unsexy” kirkland label.

2 thoughts on “Kirkland Champagne – the wine with the very “unsexy” label!

  1. I don’t care; I was there, and we’re buying it. People who care more for the label than for what they’re tasting deserve their unhappiness. Wasn’t that a terrific party with fantastic new people! We usual suspects were fun too.

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