Melt It! a grilled cheese co.

melt It!Yesterday, I was invited to try a new restaurant in Pasadena.  It’s called Melt It! a grilled cheese co.  I consider myself a bit of an expert in the world of grilled cheese, having competed in the Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational in 2011 in Los Angeles.  I did not win, but my recipe , came in 18th out of 200 in my category.  Let’s just say, I made a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches trying to come up with my winning recipe!

Melt It! grilled cheeseMelt It! has only been open for 10 days and they are doing well with many eager, hungry patrons.  I have to say the hardest thing for me was to figure out what to order.  I could have eaten them all.  I settled on the Tabasco Melt, which consists of Tabasco Butter, Monterey Jack, Bacon, Avocado, Tomatoes on Sourdough.  It was world class. They also have a grilled cheese with Macaroni & Cheese in it. I need to go back and try that one.

Melt It! portobello friesAnd, I also tried the sweet potato fries with the Warm Blue Cheese Dip – OMG!!!  This warm dip is crazy good!  Tim, the owner, then brought me some Portobello fries with their signature house dressing / dip, which is also unique and delicious.

Melt It! Pb&jAnd for dessert – wait for it – the Deep-fried Pb&j Sandwich – sort of a Monte Cristo on steroids.

One of the things I am very passionate about is supporting local businesses, especially restaurants.  A very large percentage of restaurants fail in the first three years.  There are so many factors in a successful restaurant – location, location, location – oh, and the food has to be good, oh, and the service has to be “the customer’s always right”  good, and of course the ambiance, music, ease of parking, cleanliness, etc…

The owner and all of the staff are very friendly and welcoming.  They couldn’t have been nicer.  I smell success at Melt It!  I will without a doubt be back!


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