Easy Ceviche

My friend’s son is doing a science project on ceviche and asked me if I would be willing to oversee the preparation of the dish.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.



Naturally, his “little” brother had to get in on the action!




Ceviche is a seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of the Americas, especially Central and South America.

Ceviche is typically fresh raw fish (he used cod) marinated in a citrus-based mixture, with lemons and limes being the most commonly used. In addition to adding flavor, the citric acid changes the structure of the proteins in the fish.  Thus “cooking” the fish.

Traditional-style ceviche was marinated for about three hours. Modern-style ceviche, usually has a very short marinating period. With the appropriate fish, it can marinate in the time it takes to mix the ingredients, serve, and carry the ceviche to the table.

Easy Ceviche
1 lb fresh sea bass, mahi-mahi, or other firm-fleshed white ocean fish, cut into cubes about 1 inch square
½ small onion, very thinly sliced
1–2 serrano chiles, seeded and chopped
Juice of 4 juicy limes
1 tsp salt
Combine all ingredients in a non-reactive bowl and stir to mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and let marinate for 1 hour, then serve with tortilla chips or saltine crackers.

One thought on “Easy Ceviche

  1. As one who knows those boys, that kitchen, and the lovely lady in the background, I liked the pictures more than the recipe this time. Those kids are really growing fast!

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