Elote Corn Dip


Today is a guest post by my good friend Jeanne.  She lives in Southern California, but she and her husband have a Summer home in Little Compton, Rhodes Island. Last night, she brought over this really delicious dip.  It is basically a creamy, cheesy, Mexican corn dip .

Elote is the Mexican name for corn on the cob and Cotija is a hard cow’s milk cheese that originated in Mexico.Tajin Classico a seasoning, which consists of chiles molino, salt and lemon.  I’m addicted to this stuff and use it on anything from fruit to vegetables to chicken. When I can’t find the Cotijo cheese in Rhode Island, I use seasoned feta.

Elote Corn Dip
4 ears sweet corn
1 red bell pepper, minced
½ cup mayonnaise
1Tbs hot sauce (Sriracha)
1 lime, juice only
½ tsp kosher salt
½ tsp garlic pepper
½ tsp sugar
¼ cup Cotijo cheese
Tajin Classico, to taste

Shuck the corn, brush on a little butter and sprinkled with Tajin Classico. Grill on the barbecue until a little blistered. Let corn cool and then cut the kernels off the cob.

In separate bowl, whisk mayo, lime juice, hot sauce, salt, garlic pepper and sugar.  Add corn and minced red bell pepper.

Transfer to serving bowl and garnish with crumbled cheese and cilantro.  I’ve fixed it both ways — adding the cheese to the mixture or sprinkling it on top.

If making ahead, I have served it cold.  It also tastes good served warm.

The day after a party, I added in the left-over shrimp and jicama from another hors d’ oeuvres.  This is a great basic recipe that is easy to add to.


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