Frozen Gin & Tonic

A Liberal Arts Education

Our daughter Zoe came home from college for the holidays with lots of good ideas—that, one hopes, is what a good liberal arts education does for one.  Oh, she ate her favorite foods, saw all of her friends and slept (a lot), but then she was full of good ideas—let’s paint the kitchen gray (Benjamin Moore “Eagle Rock”), let’s make peanut brittle from scratch (eight batches), let’s read all of Nancy Mitford in one go (“Love in a Cold Climate” while sitting in the 80 degree heat—take that, Rhode Island!)….

One of her better ideas came around the cocktail hour when she said, you know, gin and tonics are so refreshing, what would happen if you made frozen G&Ts in the blender?  This is not so strange considering that we have been having 80 degree days in January; just a typical winter in Los Angeles.  So we quickly learned that pouring a gin and tonic in the blender and hitting “Frappé” results in a brain-freezingly cold glass of slush that does not taste of gin or tonic.  Trial and error revealed that freezing tonic water in ice cube trays provides just the right amount of slush but tastes of tonic.  Extra lime juice is needed to keep the trinity of gin, tonic and lime in place in this frozen state.  The resulting drink—sort of like a very dry Margarita — is really good.  And if it is that good on a warm day in January, just imagine how good this would be in the heat of summer!  Homemade gin and tonic popsicles were her next great idea but we’ll leave that for another time…..



Frozen Gin & Tonic

2 oz Gin (Gordon’s is our house brand)
Juice of ½ lime
4-6 ice cubes made of tonic water

Mix in blender until slushy and serve with an additional slice of lime.


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