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After 20 years of corporate career experience in television, toy design and public relations, followed by a stint as a stay at home mom, Leslie Blythe Miller decided that the time had come to follow her passion for cooking.

In 2003, Leslie opened Blythe’s Bites, a business providing a full range of food preparation services including catering, cooking instruction and her core offering; providing personal chef services for discerning clients in the San Gabriel Valley.  She is a popular lecturer and teacher.

Leslie sees her blog as a daily diary of all things food and cooking related.  Blythe’s Blog is her way of sharing a wide variety of information and insights on a consistent basis, covering food and drink from all cultures and classes—everything from street food to haute cuisine; from the ridiculous to the sublime, Leslie covers it. Leslie takes great pride in being able to keep her content fresh and current.  Since its inauguration, Leslie has posted to her site every day, from Monday to Friday, even while going through a major illness, where she relied upon guest bloggers to ensure a constant flow of compelling content.

Leslie Blythe Miller is a graduate of the Culinary Business Academy and has studied atLa Varenne in Paris and has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College.  She has lived in New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. She enjoys bringing her love of travel and passion for cooking to your table.




13 thoughts on “About

  1. Leslie Blythe Miller is a brilliant chef who inspires those of us with less-than-impressive culinary skills. She can produce anything extraordinary but can teach a simple Tuesday dinner too! Love her!

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  3. Hello Leslie! I was one of the painters that was spending the weekend at San Antonio Mission. Your cooking was simply outstanding, i wanted to extend my compliments and my excitement to try your wonderful recipes at home. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog! I definitely can’t wait to check out some our your recipes. Your experience is amazing and I hope someday to have some of the success you have had.


  5. Dear Leslie: We recently met during a breakfast outing at Botega in New York with your friends, Grant and Emma. Just wished to say “hello” and what a great blog on food. Your postings on cauliflower had me salivating. Love cauliflower as well, though most of my friends seem bias against it. More for us. Looking forward to exploring your blog thoroughly. Started (my twist on) Delaware Baked Oatmeal for Sunday morning just before heading to bed. My best wishes, Phil

    • Great to hear from you. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing Grant. I have to say, I have never heard of Delaware Baked Oatmeal. I now want some! You should send the me recipe with a picture and I can give you a “guest” blog spot.
      Glad you like my blog, thanks for reading. I just finished catering a funeral for 100 on Friday and a wedding for 30 on Saturday and now need to spend all of today in bed recovering!!

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