An Update – What’s up with Blythe’s Blog?


Please bear with my blog. I am starting chemo today. I’m sure I will be fine, but there might be some days I don’t feel like cooking (which happens all the time!). I have some posts that I have been stock piling and have many wonderful guest bloggers coming up. I am very prepared for this – a little too prepared, so bring it on!


What’s up with Blythe’s Blog?


I’ve had many people ask me what’s up with my blog, so I guess I should explain why I have had so many guest bloggers. I have breast cancer and had to have a lumpectomy this week. It went well. I spent the two weeks prior to the surgery scrambling to get all my ducks in a row. Buying as many nonperishable food for my hot lunch program I do at a small private school I cook for twice a week, cooking food for my freezer at home, doing laundry, going to doctor’s appointments.

My friends have pitched in to write some blogs for me. It has been tremendously helpful. I didn’t want to let my blog go stagnant. It’s an OCD thing! I feel like if I stopped then I would never get back into it. I’m not sure how long I will be taking a break, but I hope I can start cooking again soon! So that’s the story and I’m fine…